Utilities Management

Once the transferees are in their new location, there are a lot of details to coordinate. This package provides settling-in services to help transferees with essential details ranging from registration management for public or private amenities, bank accounts and to public transportation guides and automobiles. With the necessary and before requested documentation our personal will manage different services including assistance and personal escorting to obtain the local driver´s licenses. Our aim is to ease stress and speed up the transition freeing the transferees from unproductive tasks and letting transferees focus on their new job and responsibilities.

This pack includes:

  • Customised advisory service assistance according to the client profile
  • Public services initial management:
    • Natural gas
    • Electricity
    • Running water
    • TV (cable/ satellite)
    • Internet
    • Telephone
  • Assistance to obtain the local driver´s licenses
    • Personal escorting
    • Required forms
    • Necessary documentation