Orientation Trip

Our customized relocation programs focus on the well-being of the relocated family, providing constant support throughout the entire assignment. It has been designed to familiarize transferees and their families with their new location, providing them with the opportunity to learn about the city and its culture, view a selection of properties and school options. Besides they will receive information regarding medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, shopping, recreation, typical living conditions and any special security concerns. Each visit is custom made based on the client profile according to their life style and requirements. Our aim is to ensure they integrate into the new community with confidence and they feel at home as quickly as possible.

This pack includes:

  • Questionnaire
  • Transferee Profile
  • Welcome Package
    • City and surroundings maps and area guide
    • Newcomers Guide
    • Malls, shops and Restaurants list
    • Transportation guide
    • Cultural information
    • Useful contacts
    • One day city tours
    • English speaking doctors directory
    • Museums and historical places guide
    • Clubs
    • Churches and temples
    • Prepaid local cell phone
    • Say it in Spanish phrases
    • Educational System information
    • Local Cuisine
  • Airport Reception
  • Airport transfers with bilingual agents
  • City tour based on Company and geographical preferences
  • General information and cultural introduction during tour
  • Local product giveaway
  • Open communication during the stay